A virtual appliance is the name given to a virtual machine (VM) that delivers a service or makes accessible a product. You can download a variety of virtual machines (VM) from our site. We provide these for free to make it easier for you to try out our services and to give you the chance to experiment with server config outside of a live environment. What can you do with a VM Virtual machines are just collections of files. They can be copied, modified and destroyed as easily as you would... + read more
It's very convenient to be able to start a VM, have its IP address assigned by DHCP, but know what address will be assigned on a particular VM host. VMware Player (under Windows and Linux) and VMware Fusion (under Mac OS X) both allow you to explicitly map MAC addresses to fixed IP addressed. Windows (before Windows 8) C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\vmnetdhcp.conf Windows (8 onwards) C:\ProgramData\VMware\vmnetdhcp.conf Mac OS X /Library/Preferences/... + read more
Early web development was about HTML and images. Very quickly websites evolved to include animations, javascript interactions, server-side form handling and data processing. The rollercoaster plunged onwards and now a website is less a collection of pages than a database to store and serve data through a variety of customised, often device-optimised interfaces. As the sites we build have grown more complicated, so have the environments that host them. Those environments are made of many... + read more


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