Devops was never so easy

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Configured and ready to go

Our builds are complete and ready-to-host, from operating system to webapp, and optimised for your VPS or dedicated server. Download a free VM now to try it out!

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Complete freedom

You get to migrate between hosting companies with your configuration and without spending 2-days re-installing everything from the bare metal. We can build your machine using Red Hat, CentOS or Ubuntu on almost any server with root access.

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Complex applications simplified

We provide the whole technology stack, so if you want to run a complex application that has many dependencies, let us shoulder the load.

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Open source

We provide our tools open source, so if you don't want us to take the hassle out, you can build your own system.

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Making dev and ops sing together

We provide the glue that makes really good sites run well on really good servers. Devops means better integration and better collaboration between the development team and the IT professionals responsible for servers and infrastructure.

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Providing your business with everything you need to develop, test and deploy


Download a free virtual machine for your application and start developing right away! You could save hours installing packages or grappling with config files.


We provide staging machines that are exactly like your live environment to make sure testing is robust and accurate.


Let us build, migrate, manage or monitor your live servers.


We can get you setup to develop or deploy code for any one of these applications in just a few minutes. Our virtual machine (VM) templates are available for download free or we can install them on your server for you. If what you're searching for isn't listed below, take a look at our full list of applications.

Redmine (2.4.5) is a project management tool and issue tracker... + details

Nagios (3.5.1) is an open source tool for monitoring IT... + details

Drupal (7.34) is an open source CMS fuelled by an extraordinary... + details

Django (1.6) is a powerful rapid development web programming... + details

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