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Your server's Internet Protocol (IP) address is allocated by your web host. It takes the form of 4 dot-separated numbers (e.g. We need it to access your server.
Servers are typically delivered with the bare bones of an operating system installed. If your operating system isn't on the list, then we don't currently support it. A minimal install is all that's required for the Devopera team to customise.
Secure shell (SSH) is a method of communicating with remote servers. It typically runs on port 22.
Root is Linux's super user. We need root access to configure the server, but it's commonly given to all owners of VPS or dedicated servers.
The root password is used to authenticate the root user. It is the most sensitive bit of the server's credentials. We encourage our clients to change the root password after we deliver your Devopera build.
By default, we will use the email address linked to your PayPal account, but you can use this field to have us send delivery updates (containing passwords) to an alternate address.

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