The cost of complete freedom (about $10)

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Devopera exists because we wanted the freedom to move our website from one host to another with as little fuss as possible. Previously that involved having to rebuild the server, a 2-day job that always resulted in our forgetting to do something. That meant that when we deployed the site, some small facet of it stopped working, which we had to hope would show up in our nightly test suite. That's idea behind our offering low-cost server builds for a wide array of applications and configurations. If you need to move host, perhaps from a VPS to a dedicated server or because the quality of network service has dropped, or the sites are running slowly during the middle of the day, or you just don't feel like you're getting the standard of care you signed up to, then you probably want that to happen:
  • quickly, so you can effect the move away from the problem that's motivating it
  • correctly, so your website isn't out of action
  • efficiently, with as little fuss as possible
At £0 , you can afford to move as many or as few times as it takes to find the right home for you website. You could have us setup your own dedicated server, or perhaps you've an old PC sitting around the office that you'd like to turn into a staging server for testing or training? Our solutions are flexible and inexpensive, so why not try out a virtual machine for free?

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