Why are dev machines different from staging machines?

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A development (or dev) machine is designed to make it easy for programmers to try things out. Security restrictions can slow things down, so we publish dev machines with only basic security. They are designed to run in sheltered environments behind another firewall or on a protected network segment, such as your local area network (LAN).

Live (production) servers play a very different role. They typically operate in much more exposed environments, so it's important that they're properly secured. We provide more advanced firewalls and malware detection as part of our standard production builds, though maintaining a secure production web server is an ongoing job.

Staging servers model live servers very accurately. While they typically run in protected environments like dev machines, their job is to provide developers with a really good approximation of the live environment. If anything is going to break when deployed to live, it's crucial that it breaks on staging first, so you can identify the problem before it affects your live web site.

If you'd like to experiment with devopera, please download one of our free VMs.

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