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All our Virtual Machines (VMs) are Vagrant compatible. The .tar.gz files you download from are in fact Vagrant boxes. For example, to load the Centos 6 Drupal 7 VM using vagrant, execute these commands at a linux command prompt (no GUI or X server required):

# Add a Vagrant box to your local .vagrant.d cache straight from the live server
vagrant box add doco6-d7

# Or add a Vagrant box from your local download
vagrant box add doco6-d7 doco6-d7r009-dev.tar.gz

# Create a simple Vagrantfile
vagrant init doco6-d7

# Bring up the box
vagrant up

# See its current status
vagrant status

# SSH in
vagrant ssh

If you'd like to silence the Guest Additions warning,'s excellent VBguest plugin will install or update Virtualbox guest additions as part of the 'vagrant up' run. Simply insert the following statement before your first 'vagrant up'.
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

To clean up later (make sure you save/commit&push your work), or if you'd like to upgrade to latest release of a Devopera VM:

vagrant halt
vagrant destroy
vagrant box remove doco6-d7
rm Vagrantfile

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