All our Virtual Machines (VMs) are Vagrant compatible. The .tar.gz files you download from are in fact Vagrant boxes. For example, to load the Centos 6 Drupal 7 VM using vagrant, execute these commands at a linux command prompt (no GUI or X server required): # Add a Vagrant box to your local .vagrant.d cache straight from the live server vagrant box add doco6-d7 # Or add a Vagrant box from your local download vagrant box add... + read more
Our live server builds use ConfigServer Firewall (CSF) and Login Failure Daemon (LFD) to firewall your servers and monitor activity on them. LFD is particularly effective at monitoring the system to identify anything unusual. It's a little cryptic sometimes and the tone of the emails can be dramatic, but on balance it's always telling you useful stuff about what's happening in a data centre, far far away. Excessive resource usage This depends on the process. If the process is /bin... + read more
We've released a new defined type as part of our open source docommon module called fireport. Fireport allows you to declare all your firewall resources using a standard format, then route them either through example42's firewall module or puppetlabs's firewall module. It also abstracts away the complexity of setting up firewall resource defaults for persistence and the pre... + read more
There are an array of paid for, free and open source virtualisation software (hypervisors) to choose from. Each has their foibles and the purpose of this post is to document the unusual features we've discovered in the course of building and deploying hundreds of VMs. VMware Player General notes Available to download for free for non-commercial use. NAT machines are allocated 192.168.47. subnet addresses. These should be accessible externally to the host OS and other... + read more
Puppet enables you to create a virtualised cloned infrastructure of your live systems. While Virtual machine (VM) technology is an important component of that, it's Puppet's ability to automatically build new machines based on complex manifests that makes a cloned instrastructure possible. Puppeting the puppetmaster All the state that makes up a puppetmaster is itself definable in a set of manifests and storable in a repository. There are a few complications to overwriting Puppet's main... + read more


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